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The Moon

The Moon I know it’s been a few days since February’s full moon but did you see it? For once in the UK it wasn’t cloudy and yes I did see the full moon although I didn’t stay outside for too long, far too cold for my liking. On the day of the full moon, […]

Birds eye view

Bird’s eye view

  Another wonderful sunny day with almost 100% sunshine YAY. It’s so nice to see the sun instead of the greyness we’ve had for much of this year so far. With the winter sun comes the cold and it was freezing today with the wind blowing a day for staying indoors and keeping warm. No, […]

Close to the river

Close to the river

  Wonderful morning, bright but yet cold, I guess in winter that happens. You have those lovely wonderful sunny days but they can be cold even though the sunshine is out and it does feel so what warm in the sun and out of the wind it’s bitterly cold. With it being nice I decided […]


Rain, rain and yes rain

  Rain, rain and yes rain I’m sure it must be with living on the coast that here we seem to get our fair share of rain, so much more so that I did when I lived in Nottingham. So far this year we’ve had our share of the rain, from heavy downpours to the […]


Photos of veg

  Today it was cold or it felt cold outside and windy, I guess it was the wind that was making it cold, so I didn’t go out to take a photo and stayed indoor to keep warm. While I was doing dinner, I noticed an onion, hmm I thought to myself, I could take […]

Sunset this evening

Sunset this evening

  Today been a lovely bright and sunny day for the most part after days of grey weather, but still freezing cold in the wind. I had almost had forgotten about taking a photo per day, I know, how long with I last for before I miss a day. Anyway, most of less the last moment […]

Winter Colour

Winter colour

  It’s always good to have some colour in your garden during the winter months. I know there aren’t many flowers which flower during the winters months and I’ve been surprised to see a few in the small garden where I live. Do you have any colour in your garden during winter? It’s always good […]

Still Alive

Still alive, just

  I was outside in the garden looking for something to photograph today and noticed a flower still alive even though it’s in the middle of winter. I guess it’s been hiding from the weather, so glad to see something alive in the garden. The photo has been edited inLightroom, turning it into Black and White, giving […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

  Hello and welcome to a New Year and the start of Blog 360 is where I will be posting photos, I’ve taken that day. It’s going to be an interesting project of the photos throughout the year. I hope that you will enjoy the photos, please comment and share. The photo you see here was […]