Flower in the garden
Flowers in the garden


Back to taking photos

I just had so many problems during January that I could not post, mainly due to horrible wet weather or having internet issues.

Ok we did have the odd day it was maybe dry for a time and I did have the internet for a lot of the time, but nonetheless I’m back to taking photos and blogging, fingers crossed.

Today it’s been nice outside, although it’s been very cold in the wind, I will be so glad once we start seeing warmer temperatures, I just dislike the cold weather.

Anyways back to photography, one of my housemates had been out to the store and bought a few plants to put in the garden YAY, some colour at last. I’m sure there will be more colour in the garden in the next week to two as the bulbs are coming up.

I’m not sure what flower it really is, I did ask a few times, but since then I’ve forgotten, yes memory like a sieve, maybe you know what the flower is called.

Do you have any winter flowering plants in your garden?

Hopefully more tomorrow if the weather is good and it’s not pouring with rain here. I believe they have forecast the week ahead to be good, but we all know that weather people are like, especially here in the UK, only time will tell on that one.

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