Birds eye view
Bird’s eye view


Another wonderful sunny day with almost 100% sunshine YAY. It’s so nice to see the sun instead of the greyness we’ve had for much of this year so far. With the winter sun comes the cold and it was freezing today with the wind blowing a day for staying indoors and keeping warm.

No, I hadn’t planned to go far today, it was too cold, although I needed to go out and take at least a photo or two. Earlier in the day, I noticed a seagull on top of a chinny across the road from where I live, but by the time I had got my camera set it was gone.

A few hours later I noticed the bird again, on a different chinny and this time my camera wasn’t too far away and had the time to take some photos before it flew off. It must be a good view from up on top of the chinny, bird’s eye view.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a bird and see things from a height?

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