Close to the river
Close to the river


Wonderful morning, bright but yet cold, I guess in winter that happens. You have those lovely wonderful sunny days but they can be cold even though the sunshine is out and it does feel so what warm in the sun and out of the wind it’s bitterly cold.

With it being nice I decided I would take a walk with my camera. Now I love water and guess I could have gone into town and the sea front to take some photos but didn’t. Maybe some other time I’ll go to the coast and take some photo of the sea. I decided not to go too far away from me, to a place where the river runs.

After setting up my tripod and taking a few shot then moving around to a different spot to take more photos I finally came to rest where I could get close the water edge. A few times I got wet with the splashing of the water and so did my camera and having to wipe the lens.

I was glad to get home and get warm and look at what I had taken.




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