Sunny day YAY

After yesterday and rain and more rain, it was wonderfully sunny although still cold in the wind but you can’t win them all.

Seeing the sun does make you feel so much better, better than the rain any day. Ok, I do like the rain but sometimes here in the UK, we have way too much of it for too long. If it would only rain for a few days and be dry that would be great. I guess it doesn’t help living in the south-west of the UK. Now if I was living on the eastern side of the country they do have far less rain. Maybe I should move!!

After yesterday scare of almost damaging my camera, I went out to take some photos. The live view didn’t work for a few tries of turning off on my camera and then back on again, but after3 or 4 goes to started to work. Maybe I should start to save for a new camera, maybe with it falling yesterday, there is some damage to the inside. I guess only time will time on that, for now, it seems to be working ok after the hiccup of the live view.

Into the garden and the daffodils are almost opening, maybe another day or two and they will be out, bring some colour to the garden and feeling a little more spring-like even though it’s still weeks away.

Do you have any winter flowering plants in your garden?

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