Winter and photography

Dead but not forgotten

Winter and photography Winter and maybe not always the best time of year to take photos of but I guess it depends on what sort of photos you are taking. Flower, well in the UK you would be hard pushed o find any in your garden, far too cold for them I would guess. Maybe […]

Sunny day YAY


  Sunny day YAY After yesterday and rain and more rain, it was wonderfully sunny although still cold in the wind but you can’t win them all. Seeing the sun does make you feel so much better, better than the rain any day. Ok, I do like the rain but sometimes here in the UK, we […]

Oh so lucky

Flowers in the garden

  Oh so lucky Today the weather forecast was wrong, it was meant to be dry and dry for much of the week, but yes you can guess they were wrong, oh so wrong. It didn’t rain for an hour or 2 NO, it’s now been raining none stop for the past 11 hours. Rain, […]

Back to taking photos

Flower in the garden

  Back to taking photos I just had so many problems during January that I could not post, mainly due to horrible wet weather or having internet issues. Ok we did have the odd day it was maybe dry for a time and I did have the internet for a lot of the time, but […]

Birds in flight

Birds in flight

  Not one of the best days but then again it is still only January. It started out wet and to ended being wet although at times it did look like it was going to brighten up at one point. I’m not sure if it’s because I live on the coast that we do get all […]

New life in the garden

New life in the garden

  I was surprised to see new life in the garden today, more colour even though it is the middle of winter. It’s always good to see colour in the garden at this time of year. It’s not been that cold to be fair, colder than last year, but not cold like it could be, […]

Maybe I should go to the park

Seed head

Where I live there is only a very small garden so I’m always going to be limited in what I can take, photo wise. it’s been grey and a horrible kind of day, I walked down the garden looking for something I could take a photo of, thinking to myself maybe I should go to […]

Still alive, just

Still Alive

  I was outside in the garden looking for something to photograph today and noticed a flower still alive even though it’s in the middle of winter. I guess it’s been hiding from the weather, so glad to see something alive in the garden. The photo has been edited inLightroom, turning it into Black and White, giving […]