Back to taking photos

Flower in the garden

  Back to taking photos I just had so many problems during January that I could not post, mainly due to horrible wet weather or having internet issues. Ok we did have the odd day it was maybe dry for a time and I did have the internet for a lot of the time, but […]

Rain, rain and yes rain


  Rain, rain and yes rain I’m sure it must be with living on the coast that here we seem to get our fair share of rain, so much more so that I did when I lived in Nottingham. So far this year we’ve had our share of the rain, from heavy downpours to the […]

Birds in flight

Birds in flight

  Not one of the best days but then again it is still only January. It started out wet and to ended being wet although at times it did look like it was going to brighten up at one point. I’m not sure if it’s because I live on the coast that we do get all […]