The Moon

I know it’s been a few days since February’s full moon but did you see it?

For once in the UK it wasn’t cloudy and yes I did see the full moon although I didn’t stay outside for too long, far too cold for my liking. On the day of the full moon, I wasn’t at home and yes sadly I didn’t have my camera with me. I know you should always have your camera with you, but I guess there are times when you don’t.

Here in the UK, the weather was clear, well where I live it was and got to see the full moon, I saw it just as it was rising up into the sky and I did wish I had my camera. It’s not that often we get to see the full moon in the UK due to cloudy conditions, which is annoying at the best of times. I remember many years ago going to an observatory with my boys when they were young and the guy there said that in a normal year we would only get to see a full moon, maybe 6 times a year, which I guess is about right but also depending on where you are living within the UK.


It’s funny that the day’s running up to a full moon we can have clear night skies, then on the day of the full moon, it’s cloudy and there is no chance of ever seeing the moon. I know when I was living in California, every full Moon I could get to see YAY.

Do you like to see a full Moon, do you look forward to seeing a Full Moon?

Today photo was taken a few days before this full Moon when I was at home and had my camera handy.

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